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VCI's TriStar blocks of leases, covering about 101 square miles in the Athabasca region, is the site of the company's first oil sands development projects- TriStar POP Pilot Project and the ATS Project.

Terre de Grace block of leases covers about 290.5 square miles.

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Value Creation Inc. (VCI) is a private Alberta company established in 1999. With the mission: Clean Oil La-Fit – (COLF)“Transformation of Extra-Heavy-Hydrocarbons (inclusive of bitumens, extra-heavy-oils, residues, etc.) to Clean Oils/Crudes (best) Fitting majority of refineries globally (with their current processing facilities), at Lowest Costs, Sustainably.”

July 30 2019 Value Chain Solutions-Heartland Upgrader-Refinery PDF
Jan 22 2019 VCS- H Complex – the first announced Project to receive $440-million loan guarantee under Premier Notley’s Made-in-Alberta strategy, which is focused on Fundamentally and Expeditiously Transforming  the Full-Value-Chain Value Creation for  Oil Sands Industry PDF
July 5 2016 Press Release July 5 2016 PDF
Oct 13, 2015 Proposed Clean Oil Refinery –  Completing the Transformational Full Value Chain Oil Sands Development PDF
March 9, 2015 Value Chain Solutions – Heartland (“VCS – H”)
March 2, 2015 Value Creation Inc. – Revolutionary Positioning to provide Value Chain Solutions to Oilsands and Refining Industries PDF
March 2013 New Technology Magazine- VCI upgrading of SAGD bitumen at wellhead overcomes oil sand challenges (clean oil, sustainable development & pipeline debottlenecking) PDF
Oct 2, 2012 Value Creation Inc. files ERCB Application for the TriStar Proof of Productivity (POP) Pilot Project. EPEA Application filed in 2010. PDF
Sept 21, 2012 VCI files Joint ERCB/ EPEA Application for the Advanced TriStar (ATS) Commercial Project. PDF
July 12, 2012 Proof of Productivity (POP) Pilot Project HTML
April 12, 2012 Value Creation Inc. is preparing regulatory applications for the Advanced TriStar (ATS) Project HTML
March_15,_2010 Value Creation Inc. Enters Into Oilsands Development with BP PDF
March_5,_2008 Value Creation acquires BA Energy PDF
Dec 21, 2007 Terre De Grace – VCI filed a pilot application HTML